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Element Golf Junior Programme

There is no better investment a parent can make than to set up their child with a solid foundation in the game of golf. Based around a tried and tested system, backed up by scientific research. This is the blue print for the rest of their lives in golf.


It is imperative that a child starts correctly and that their windows of opportunity are maximized . We only get one chance to get this right

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Gone are the days of lining children up on a driving range for an hour and trying to get them to swing like Tiger. Not only is that hugely detrimental to a child’s development, but they also find it tedious and can't see the point which makes them non-committal and eventually they move on to other sports that are more fun. 

The Element Golf Junior Programme is built on the tried and tested, globally recognised Titleist Performance Instititue (TPI) structure which has been developed using 30+ years of scientific research. This speciliased programme is incredibly detailed and maximizes athletic potential within a system that is sensitive to BOTH a golfer’s biological and developmental age.

We're excited about your child's potential and look forward to working with you and them to build a solid foundation and love for the game. 

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Founder - Element Golf Academy

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