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A brief description of the areas we focus on and the techniques we utilise.
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Focus Areas

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Swing Mechanics

Refining the fundamentals of your swing to create efficiency and consistency comes first and foremost. 


Short Game 

Often overlooked, improving your short game is the fastest way to lower scores. Everyone has an off day when you're not swinging it your best, but if your short game is sharp you can still shoot a decent score.


On-course Tuition

By far the best all-round training ground, on-course coaching simulates a round of golf but provides you with a coach to walk through each shot and situation with you. Learn to think your way around a golf course like a tour pro and shave shots off your score.


Launch Monitor Training

Swing Speed Training

Mental and Routine

Understanding your swing characteristics and optimizing ball flight, strike and launch conditions as well as learning exactly how far you hit each club for accurate distance gapping. 

Learn how to train to improve club-head speed and ultimately distance through an understanding of the speed contributors in your swing and train to build strength in key areas.

The saying '80% of Golf is played between your ears' could not be more true. Learn to see the game in the right frame of mind which will not only lower scores and make you more consistent, but help you enjoy the game more.

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Ready to start playing?

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