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About Us

Get to know the founder...


With 15 years competing all over the world including the United States, South America, Asia and Africa, 10 of those years touring as a professional, Greg Bentley brings both his love for the game and his expertise to every individual he has the privilege of coaching.

He is a Titleist performance institute qualified coach in Golf, Junior and Power Level 2.

Learning what works and what doesn't through trial and error in competitive pressure situations in his own game and having experienced every high and low the game has to offer. From grinding through tour schools and missing cuts to winning professional events. ​Having worked with many world-class coaches and studying various coaching styles, blending them to create an easily digestible form of learning the game.


Greg is passionate about unlocking the potential of your game and the pure joy of this 'game of life' called golf.  


Greg Bentley


At Element Golf we view the game differently.....

We encourage our students to first ask the question; what is your goal?

Do you want to be able to hit the ball further? Do you want to score better, and in turn lower you handicap? Or do you merely want to make more putts or learn to chip better?


Too often lessons have no end goal...merely a certain part of the swing that needs to be fixed with no guarantee that you will play better.


The truth is, in every person swing there are multiple faults, and no matter whether you are Tiger Woods or Joe Soap, you will never get to a point where you have fixed all of them and your swing functions perfectly every time.


However, you can refine your swing, make it more efficient, giving it the best opportunity of repeating time after time and thus making you more consistent. That in itself though does not guarantee you will shoot lower scores...


The great thing about golf is there are so many facets to the game. Ball striking is one, chipping, pitching, putting are others, then you have the mental part of the game, course management, mental processing and strategy, managing your emotions and outlook on the game. These are all games within themselves,

Part of the reason why golf is so fascinating. Why it can be so enjoyable and so frustrating at the same time. A puzzle that you will continue to work on your entire life and never truly complete.


​Such is the nature of the game that often coaching falls short of  students expectations, maybe partly due to the teacher not having a holistic approach to the students game but also more frequently due to clarity not being given by the student on what it is they are looking to get out of it.

At Element Golf our coaching outlook is to first determine what the student expects to get out of the lessons, whether that goal is achievable, and what level of commitment the student has.


The reality is, when you really get down to it....not everyone has the time or determination to build a swing like Tiger.


Some people just want to get to the point in their game where they have some control over it. Be able to understand how their swing works, What their tendencies are and ultimately enjoy themselves out on the course!


They don't have the time and commitment necessary to ingrain new habits into their swing with hours of hitting balls on the range.


In this case, we would keep things simple and try and work with what we have.... give a student an understanding of his golf swing, what its capable of doing and how to play with that.


On the other hand, you may have a potential student who is intent on improving their game wherever possible, they want to learn to score better, they are determined to be able to hit certain shots, get their handicap down and see how good they are capable of getting and they are willing to put in the time and effort necessary.


In this case, we would set goals of where we are want to go and build a plan for how we are going to get there. Refining every aspect of the students game and constantly tracking our progress. 


Either way, once we know what the student's expectations are we know which approach we are going to take, and we can communicate the effort necessary to achieve what they are looking for.


We can provide the answers to the questions and the path that is necessary, but it is up to the student to put in the time to get the result.


As Ben Hogan famously said, "The answer is in the turf"

"If you are looking for a coach that truly understands the mechanics of the golf swing. If you are looking for a coach that is not one dimensional in his approach.If you are looking for a coach that will adapt your swing to your body physics. If you are looking for a coach that has an ability to simplify explanations and understanding of the golf swing. Then I would highly recommend Greg Bentley"


- Allan 

Testimonials from students

"Greg has transformed my game in a matter of a few short weeks. He has made me think about and understand the golf swing in a whole new way. It is also so good to get instruction from someone who has played at the highest level and understands the difficulties of the game. I recommend him to anyone. Try him out, It will ultimately lead to you having more fun on the course."


- Stefan 

"A great golf coach with an amazing ability to help you really understand your golf swing and how to get the best out of it. Greg has helped me shave 10 shots off my handicap in just 3 months.

Starting handicap : 16

Current handicap : 6."

- Jason

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